Seeking support in packing up your cluttered space? For nearly 30 years, Hoarders 911 has been a reliable source of outstanding packing services for individuals in New York, New Jersey, Long Island, and certain parts of Connecticut. Whether facing eviction or requiring assistance with a move, our skilled team is well-versed in aiding hoarders. Recognizing the challenges of decluttering, our aim is to offer a stress-free experience. Let us guide you in taking the initial stride toward a life free from clutter.

With nearly three decades of experience, Hoarders 911 continues to deliver outstanding packing services to hoarders. Our packing assistance caters to hoarders confronting eviction or seeking support during a move, prioritizing a stress-free experience amid challenging circumstances. Our adept professional organizers comprehend the anxiety linked to disposophobia, offering compassionate support without judgment. Count on us to guide you through the process with empathy and expertise.

Embarking on a hoarding cleanout and move involves the meticulous packing and sorting of every item in the home, a formidable task that can be overwhelming. Our dedicated team not only assists in sorting valuable items for online sale but also ensures nothing is discarded without the client’s explicit consent. We prioritize the unique needs and wishes of our clients, offering personalized and round-the-clock heavy-duty cleaning services. To showcase our comprehensive work, we’ve crafted a documentary video capturing one of our home decluttering projects. Discover more about our rigorous training and unparalleled packing services. Our hoarding cleanout and packing services provide a transformative opportunity, allowing individuals to embrace a happy, healthy, and clutter-free life. With expert professional organizers, we guide clients towards inviting guests and regaining comfort in their homes. For details on our moving company services for hoarders, contact us via phone or fill out the form. Trust us to navigate challenging times with a compassionate and personalized approach to heavy-duty cleaning services.


Hoarders911 completed a complex horder reorganization and cleaning project for a previous customer of ours in Brooklyn. All other companies were outrageously priced or not experienced. They came the same day, gave a free estimate, and completed the project in a week. Great service, I highly recommend them.

Sean L


The team did an amazing job and were so sensitive to my mother’s emotional well being during the process (she is one of those compulsive shopping types). They were super discrete, patient, kind and effective. Thank you so much for helping her.

Rachel B


 An amazing crew of Miguel, Jacky, Julian, Richard and Alex, miraculously transformed an apartment that was under threat of eviction. In short 4 days they brought back an apartment that was in most horrible condition to an apartment that can be called home again. 

Helen K