Many women have been successful in business despite the challenges they face. Entrepreneur Nicole Levine shares her story and the lessons she learned along the way.

Achieving success as a business leader is difficult for women. Numerous obstacles stand in their way. It can be disproportionately challenging for female entrepreneurs to obtain the resources, funding, and support they require.

Despite the obstacles in their way, women like Nicole Levine have achieved success at the highest levels. Levine is the founder and CEO of HCH Management and Hygea Natural,

She is an example of a woman who has excelled in business and leadership.

Her unparalleled wit and ambition have allowed her to overcome any obstacles that stand in her way. She has built several successful companies and launched several successful products thanks to her drive and determination.

Levine has risen to the top of organizations, the boardroom, and the C-suite.

In many cases, women like Levine have broken barriers and paved the way for other women to follow. Levine is now opening up about her climb to the top.

She shares her best business strategies for other women business owners to follow.

Why Are More and More Women Becoming Business Leaders?

An increasing number of women choose to work for themselves instead of trading time and hours for a paycheck. A staggering 40% of new business owners today are women.

It’s incredibly encouraging when you think about it.

It’s understandable why more women are pursuing entrepreneurship as their new career path than ever before.

For many women, the job market can be competitive and unforgiving.

Here are a few of the main factors that are motivating more women to start their own businesses today:

More opportunities to advance. Despite doing equal work and expressing the same desire to move up, women are 15% less likely to be promoted than men.

Women like Levine, who launch their own businesses, have a better chance of advancing their careers more quickly and without as much resistance.

Closing the pay gap. It is no secret that women make only about 80% of what men receive for the same work. Women who go into business for themselves have a better chance of charging what they are worth and leveling the playing field.

“When I run my own company, I am in charge of how much money I make,” Levine retorts. “Not anyone who sees me as less because I am a woman.”

A better work-life balance. There are not many resources in place that allow women to balance work and family successfully. Childcare and other obligations are often used against women when evaluated as qualified candidates for a job.

But starting a business provides an excellent means for women to get more out of their days. It allows them to flex their schedules to be productive at work and home.

Levine adds, “I worked around the clock as a single mother. But when I started to work for myself, I was really able to be there to provide for my kids. Did being a parent stop me from being a great business leader?

No, but having a regular job would have meant forgoing time with my family to work.”

Doing what they love. Starting a business is a vehicle for many women to pursue their passions. Levine says this is an opportunity for them to share their expertise and find true career satisfaction.

A greater impact. When women have more control over their business and work, they are more likely to operate with purpose.

“My business has become a cornerstone of my community,” says Levine. “I am known not just for the great services I provide but also for the lives I touch through what I do.”

How Women Can Emerge as Strong Business Leaders

While the boost in opportunities for women entrepreneurs may be attractive, it doesn’t guarantee that their journeys will be any easier.

There will still be challenges to overcome.

According to Small Business Administration data, nearly 20% of businesses fail within the first year. After five years, that number more than doubles; after ten years, it triples.

Since there are so many obstacles facing women entrepreneurs, they are the most at risk of becoming another statistic.

But this does not have to be the case. With almost 30 years in business, Nicole Levine has no plans to slow down any time soon.

So, what can women do to ensure their businesses are successful?

Levine shares her top suggestions.

Sharpen your negotiation skills.

With all the predispositions that cause women to be easily dismissed in boardrooms, becoming a tough negotiator is a must. It is the only way to be taken seriously in a male-dominated world.

“My negotiation techniques are part of what makes me and my business unstoppable,” Levine adds. “You must not be afraid to command the room and stand your ground.”

Develop your ability to communicate.

Negotiations deal with people outside of your organization, like investors. But delegating tasks effectively to people within your organization is also essential.

Your productivity and growth will thrive if you communicate well with your staff.

Create your own support system.

When you are your boss, you need a strong network behind you. Since there are fewer resources for women looking to start a business, the best thing they can do for themselves is form communities with their peers.

Don’t find the time. Make time.

Being in control of your career also means being left to your own devices. Avoid falling behind on your responsibilities by maintaining a scheduled workday and sticking to it.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Awareness of what you are good at and what you are not is the best way to develop a strategy for success. It helps you determine what areas you need to grow and where your natural talents are best suited for your business.

Stop trying to be perfect.

From a young age, women and girls have pressure to overachieve.

But the added stress of chasing after impossible goals will only discourage you.

“Of course, you want big ambitions,” Levine interjects. “Do not put a limit on what you can achieve. But don’t set yourself up for failure, either.”

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Fear of the unknown is what drives most people to second-guess their choices. But every successful entrepreneur made it to the top by taking action, even if they were afraid.

“Risk is a part of business,” says Levine. “You must know your risk tolerance. Don’t get in over your head. But, you must also take chances if you want to move forward.”

Say yes to every opportunity.

You did not start your own business because you expected things to be easy. So, don’t take the easy way out and deny yourself opportunities to avoid doing the work.

When she reflects on her path to success, Levine notes that there were many difficulties. But she did everything she could to open doors for herself, even if it meant working double time to make things happen.

“It will pay off in the end, but you must put in the effort.”

Forget the stereotypes.

There are numerous conceptions of what a woman is or ought to be. But yours is the only one that counts. Attitudes that impact how others see you or your business will always be present.

Worrying too much about trying to confront these things will cause you to people-please your business into the ground. “Just keep going,” says Levine.

“There will always be somebody who has something to say, but you know what is and isn’t right for you. So, don’t worry about it.”

Embrace your style of leadership.

Women face criticism for being too aggressive or agentic, while their male counterparts receive praise for being the same.

“Do not let that stop you,” Levine warns. “Maybe somebody will say you are too bossy, but why shouldn’t you be bossy? It’s your business. Of course, you are the boss!”

About Nicole Levine

Nicole Levine started her own business for many of the same reasons that most women do: to take her life and career into her own hands and provide better opportunities for herself.

Empowering women to rise above any challenge and create success is her passion.

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