Hygea is a leading manufacturer of cleaning products.

Made in the USA, Hygea manufactures exceptional cleaning products for its cleaning services in addition to private-labelling for your brand! We are registered and certified with the EPA and dedicated to producing products that are eco-friendly and safe.

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Hygea Natural™ is a manufacturer and global supplier of pest management and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Through many years of direct experience in the extermination industry with Bed Bug 911 and cleaning services with Home Clean Home, Inc., we have developed a line of safe and extremely effective solutions.

After witnessing the negative side effects of the toxic bed bug pesticides on the market, founder Nicole Levine directed a world-class team of entomologists and pest control experts to develop a natural, 100-percent effective solution to equip pest extermination and cleaning teams.

After extensive research, they produced a stain-free, scent-free, safe and effective solution for preventing and eliminating pests and dust mites including: bed bugs, lice, stink bugs, fleas, and other crawling pests.

Today, our expanded product lines include a complete range of multi-surface cleaners, pest extermination, and pest management products as well as top-quality protective mattress covers, vapor steamers and vacuums. Most importantly, the products are safe for children, adults and pets. Because we manufacturer the products, we can also customize each product to suit our clients’ needs.

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