Hoarders 911

Hoarders911 is a junk removal company in NYC that specializes in hoarding clean-up. Our rubbish removal services are the perfect solution for anyone looking to get rid of everything and start fresh. The crew at Hoarders911 is always discreet and compassionate. We arrive in unmarked cars and never judge our clients. 

Discreet and professional cleanup featured in an award-winning documentary on hoarding

The Hoarders911 7 Step Process is a highly detailed hoarding cleanup that addresses every issue that a hoarder might experience at home. A residential hoarding clean up involves a lot more than just swooping in and throwing things away. There are many household issues, such as pest infestation and structural damage, that can be caused by clutter and hoarding. Our hoarding cleanup process is specifically designed to resolve all of these issues without having to seek hoarding clean up help elsewhere.

We have been providing hoarding cleaning to NYC for over 20 years. There is no amount of clutter and hoarding that we haven’t seen. With so much experience under our belts, the 7-step hoarding clean up process that we’ve developed cannot be beat! 

Step 1 – Clutter clean up

Step 2 – Rubbish removal

Step 3 – Home organization

Step 4 – Extermination, treatment. 

Step 5 – Paint, repair, handy man services.

Step 6 – Restoration and construction.

Step 7 – Heavy duty cleaning services. 

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