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Are you constantly waking up with itchy, red bites, dreading the thought of climbing back into your bed? Bed bugs can turn your sanctuary into a nightmare, disrupting your sleep and causing unnecessary stress. But fear not, there’s a solution!

Our experienced team of licensed professionals specializes in eliminating bed bugs once and for all. We understand the frustration and anxiety these pests can cause, which is why we’re dedicated to providing *fast, effective, and guaranteed bed bug removal services.

Here’s why you can trust us to reclaim your peace of mind:

  • Award-winning methods: Proven to eliminate bed bugs at all life stages.
  • 30+ years of expertise: Experienced in handling complex infestations.
  • Guaranteed results: Satisfaction guarantee with free re-treatment if needed.
  • Safe and discreet: Prioritize client safety with eco-friendly products.
  • Compassionate support: Friendly team to guide with empathy.
  • Act now: Early intervention crucial. Contact for a free consultation.


Adult bed bugs, often likened in size to a modest apple seed, present a distinct brownish hue, although their coloration may exhibit variations contingent upon their current life stage. As they embark on their journey from egg to adult, bed bug eggs initially manifest a yellowish tint, gradually transitioning into a spectrum of browns as they mature and commence their feeding frenzy on unsuspecting hosts.

These persistent bloodsuckers are exclusive consumers of blood, showing a marked preference for human blood, although they may begrudgingly settle for the blood of animals on rare occasions. Yet, it is human blood that remains their favored source of sustenance. What sets bed bugs apart from other blood-feeding insects is their astonishing ability to withstand prolonged periods without a meal. Even while ensconced in the depths of hiding, bed bugs can endure for up to an astounding nine months without feeding, a testament to their resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

This remarkable survival mechanism not only facilitates their persistence in various environments but also presents a considerable challenge when attempting to eliminate infestations. Understanding the bed bug’s resilience underscores the importance of comprehensive and persistent efforts to eradicate these pests effectively.

We introduced the most efficient approach for eliminating bed bugs, termed the 3 Step Solution, comprising Preparation, Extermination, and Prevention. We stand out as the sole company of its kind in New York, providing cleaning, hauling, and extermination services, all conveniently housed under one roof.

  • Heat method using commercial grade steamers  for
  • Our bed bug extermination process involves the use of a commercial-grade steamer for heating treatment.
  • For severely infested areas, we offer safe and efficient chemical treatments.

During bed bug preparation, more than 80% of bed bugs are eradicated. We meticulously bag and collect all infested laundry, conduct steam cleaning, declutter the area, and responsibly haul away infested items like mattresses and furniture. Bed bug preparation is imperative for effective bed bug eradication, as without it, extermination efforts are rendered futile.

Our 3 Step Solution to Bed Bug Extermination

Step 1

Preparing for bed bug extermination entails meticulously bagging all laundry and washable items. Our procedure incorporates the use of a HEPA vacuum and vapor steam cleaner to treat carpets and furniture.

Step 2

BedBug911 employs natural methods to effectively exterminate bed bugs. Our spray is completely safe for use around children and pets. With nearly three decades of experience, you can rely on us to successfully complete the job!

Step 3

To prevent another infestation, we suggest utilizing a bed bug mattress encasement. This specialized covering prevents bed bugs from entering or escaping your mattress, ensuring long-term protection.

Bed Bug Inspection

Bed Bug Laundry

Bed Bug Preparation

Bed Bug Extermination


Thanks to bedbug911 and the team of Miguel, Camilo, Jessica, and Adriana. I can finally sleep in peace. Highly recommended this company.

Ansello H


Amazing experience with this team sent by Bed Bug 911. First time experiencing bed bugs but extremely satisfied with the job. Would highly recommend.

Sanah A.


I had a bug problem for a while. Had to get rid of most of my furniture, with the help of these hard working guys I can finally sleep in peace, thank you so much.

Richard C


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