One-Stop Support For Bed Bug Laundry

At Home Clean Home, we get it – bed bugs can really mess things up. That’s why we’re here, offering top-notch bed bug laundry and cleaning services to help you kick them out and get your home back to normal.

Our skilled team knows their stuff, using the right tools and tricks to get rid of those bed bugs from your clothes, linens, and living spaces. With our reliable services, you can finally say goodbye to those pesky bed bug worries.


Our Laundry Services

Step 1: Bag & Pick Up

We discreetly bag up your clothing, sheets, curtains, children’s toys, and all washable items. The pick-up service is provided free of charge.

Step 2: Treat

After laundering/dry cleaning your garments, we treat the items at our dedicated facility located off-site from the infestation.

Step 3: Drop Off​

Discreet and bed bug-free, our Laundry and Dry Cleaning services are delivered with confidentiality in mind. Discreetly delivered in unmarked vehicles.

Our Bed Bug Laundry Service Process

Tailored to eradicate bed bugs and their eggs from your clothing, bedding, and other washable items, our specialized laundry service involves:

  • Careful inspection and sorting of your infested items
  • Treatment of your items with environmentally friendly, bed bug-eliminating solutions
  • Washing, drying, and folding your items in a sterile, bed bug-free facility
  • Securely packaging your items in sealed, bed bug-proof bags for safe return to your home


Appointment to treatments

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