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An atypical journey through immigration, single motherhood and an unrelenting passion for business has brought CEO Nicole Levine through trial-by-fire and the gauntlet of business development in a story that is as much a part of HCH Management Inc.’s history as the services it provides. Nicole arrived in the United States from Israel in 1986 and started a small, single-proprietor home cleaning service as a single mother of three. With a dream and a driving passion to create clean, happy living spaces for family and clients alike she offered judgment-free cleaning services that went above and beyond simple house cleaning to include hoarders cleaning and clutter removal.

Through her experience in cleaning homes, Nicole recognized that some homes in need of pest extermination required a level of service she could not seem to hire out satisfactorily. Her solution was to build a dedicated prep team, and a licensed extermination team to tackle her clients’ biggest pest problems. This is how Bed Bug 911 was born. Through experience and determination, they developed some of the most tried-and-true cleanup methods still in use by professional extermination teams in NYC today.

While working with more and more locations and residential complexes, Nicole recognized the need to develop safer, more natural alternatives to the standard cocktails of harsh chemicals traditionally used for professional cleaning. Hygea Naturals was born and became an eco-friendly source for professional cleaning solutions. These newfound product development practices proved serendipitous as New York State experienced one of the worst bed bug epidemics in its history around 2008. 

Most cleaning solutions and products were not approved by the NYC Health Inspector for use in populated or occupied spaces. This led Nicole to hiring a world class laboratory and inventing her very own natural bed bug spray. The solutions provided by HCH, however, were declared entirely safe for use in populated or occupied areas and officially green-lighted by the NYC Health Inspector for widespread use in combating the bedbug crisis. Through this, our manufacturing sister company Hygea Natural was born. Our bed bug spray is used worldwide and has won multiple awards; including Most Innovative Product award and Exporter of the Year.

Since then, HCH has expanded its services to include commercial construction and commercial site management, as well as commercial cleanup contracts such as LaGuardia Airport in Q3 2018. Nicole continues her role as CEO today, inspiring innovation and excellence in the cleanup, manufacturing and construction industries of NYC.





Nicole Levine

A native of Israel, Nicole Levine moved to the United States to further her education. As a single mom, she used her ingenuity, knowledge and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit to create a successful start-up New York based service company. Since this time she has grown HCH into a holdings company with businesses in many areas of commercial cleanup and management – including product manufacturing.



Vanesa Levine

Vanesa is a graduate of Harvard University and is a marketing specialist focused on design, digital communication and web security. With a passion for developing effective marketing strategies for HCH, she manages the branding, design and digital communication practices for the corporation.



Cindy Nackstary

With over 20 years of administrative and financial experience, Cindy manages the day to day operations of over 30 staff members for HCH Management. Working closely together with our contracted long term care managed providers, she ensures that services are performed to the highest standards. Cindy also oversees Human Resources, including the “Employee of the Month” program boosting morale and work efficiency.



Hanan Edery

Working directly in the field with over 40 maintenance and pest control technicians, Hanan oversees the day to day service operations of both HCH and Bed Bug 911. With a solid background in project management and business, Hanan performs site assessments, develops new leads and manages residential and commercial properties throughout the New York City area.



Dona Ismajli

Dona Ismajli, the HCH Customer Care Executive, oversees the directing of all client inquiries to the proper channels. She works closely with our customer support team to ensure that all clients recieve the proper attention, and that all inquiries are fulfilled in a timely fashion. Dona is also responsible for managing and maintaining all of our private client’s accounts, and facilitates our 24/7 Emergency Service hotline, dispatching our professionals for immediate on-call response.



Jay Shapiro

Mr. Shapiro serves as the Director of Global and domestic Logistics Inbound Area Manager, Outbound Area Manager. Mr. Shapiro handles all aspects of drop shipping, monitoring inventory and Ecommerce. Mr. Shapiro handles relationships with a variety of domestic and international accounts as well as the continued communication of HCH’s products and services to potential transaction counter parties.



Iris Deleon

Iris joined the HCH Management team. Within that time, Iris has taken on increasing roles and responsibilities including her recent promotion to Director of Office Services. In her capacity as administrator, she oversees and supervises on site personnel, data and financial management. Fluent in three languages, she also serves as the communication link between our vendors, employees and contract managers.



Denise Despasito



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