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Coronavirus Cleaning Service

Our newly added Coronavirus Cleaning prevention for homes and offices program using protocols and standards from the World Health Organization.

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus is to regularly clean and disinfect regularly touched surfaces.

Learn more about our Coronavirus professional disinfecting and cleaning service and get a free quote now!

A Company Built on Overcoming Challenges

HCH Management, Inc. found success when it was prepared to meet the complicated demand of providing clean, green and healthcare-department-approved treatments for NYC’s bedbug problems. HCH found success when it wouldn’t settle for anything less than an outstanding quality of commercial and residential construction, developing a site management division to make sure the jobs were done right. HCH found success when it recognized that the high-end home treatments and services it provided could be scaled and delivered to its commercial clients. And HCH found success when a single mother who immigrated to the United States from Israel first decided that more could be done to improve the living and working conditions in NYC. We were founded on the principles of excellence in service and quality – from home to high-rise.
HCH is a woman-owned family business dedicated to providing the best quality site management, commercial cleanup and environmentally friendly products. With experience gained and tested through decades of tackling logistical, hygienic, commercial and residential construction challenges, HCH prides itself in providing the industry’s most effective solutions. Click below to learn the whole story.

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Client Testimonials

“With confidence, I recommend HCH, a certified New York City and State Woman Owned Business Enterprise for the reputable, dependable and quality service they provide.”

Technical Advisor of Pest Control, NYC Housing Authority

“HCH has proven its understanding of our clients’ needs… We have found that the agency has the willingness and capacity to respond immediately to emergency situations, address concerns, and prioritize our requests.”

Service Manager, Chesed Organization

“We have been extremely satisfied with the products, the prompt delivery of merchandise and the open line of communication established with your company.”

Director of Mortuary Services, NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner

At HCH Management, Success is in the Details

Your commercial cleanup jobs require the utmost attention to detail and experience. With experience in the coordination of corporate scale projects involving cleanup, pest control, maintenance and more — meeting your project goals are in the right hands with HCH. Watch the video and click the button below to learn more!

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Cleaning, product manufacturing, project management – whatever your company needs in the commercial cleanup, property recovery and pest extermination industries, we’ve got it! Click the button below to get in touch.
What commercial cleaning services does HCH Management provide?
HCH Management’s cleanup and sanitization organizations specialize in commercial extermination of bed bugs and other pests, as well as commercial and residential space revitalization and cleanup.
What products does HCH Management manufacture?
Through many years in the cleaning industry, HCH management has remained focused on green, eco-friendly and health-conscious cleaning solutions. From this experience, we have developed several proprietary cleaning formulas that were approved by the NYC health department for cleanup in occupied residential and business centers. Ask us how we can white-label an outstanding line of effective and environmentally friendly products for you!

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